Nonreligious, nonpolitical international online conference on March 20, 2021 | 10:00 am EST, 15:00 GMT “Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of”

You are the one who can change this world. It is the Time! What is happening to the world today is the result of the consumerist format of society. For our humanity to survive, we need a new format of society — A CREATIVE ONE!

THE CREATIVE SOCIETY is that common goal around which people from all over the world unite. It is a new vector of development, which is a real solution for our civilization now. Iit is important for every inhabitant of the planet to learn about this unifying idea. Changes begin with us and with the information we share with each other. Co-create a better world with us please. Sharing shall save the world.

Only we ourselves, people, can bring the Creative Society to life. What can you do so that you, your family, children and next generations would live in a society worthy of a Human?

Watch LIVE here!

Let’s together, as the entire humanity, find the answers to the following questions:

What or who is the cause of all wars and strife in our society? Power or Love: what did the prophets bequeath? How did the Prophets see the world of the future? What were their predictions about the End Times: clues for modernity or a verdict? What did the Prophets dream about? What is the Creative Society and how to build it? What role does the informing stage play in the formation of the Creative Society as soon as possible?

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